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I Can is an innovative school started by like minded parents who bring both their life's experiences and expertise to make our children "Happy" each day.  


Our curriculum is based on an International System. This curriculum synthesizes the best research and practice from a range of national and International systems. Students are required to think and respond, in both verbal and written forms to questions requiring analysis, synthesis and evaluation. It offers a balance between acquiring essential skills and knowledge and the search for meaning. Education is without meaning if students never really understand.

From an Indian perspective, we prepare students for higher educational achievements enabling them to study in English Language schools within and outside India.


The I.G. C.S.E and IB syllabus have become popular in all metros today.


We also develop attitudes (appreciation, confidence, curiosity, integrity, tolerance, etc) and the school atmosphere in general is also more international in style. Particular emphasis is placed on providing a warm and caring environment. The aim is to build a sound base both academically and in the personal development of each child.

The aim of the school is to make children life long learners who are principled and empathetic. They will be encouraged to enquire, question and reflect, demonstrate and communicate understanding effectively and in a variety of different ways. Through guidance from the teacher they are encouraged to set and maintain realistic goals to achieve their full potential.

Secondly the focus is to make children tolerant and sensitive members of the school and community, progressing socially, emotionally and physically as well as intellectually in a caring environment based on mutual respect and trust. They will understand and appreciate their own cultural heritages, but are open minded to the cultures and values of others. Students will become informed active citizens of the school community and the wider world, developing a sense of responsibility for their decisions and actions. They are taught to relate their classroom experiences to the realities of the world outside. The “Green Heart” campaign is the first initiative of the middle school at I Can.


Internationalism is an ideal towards which all schools should strive. I Can is also researching the possibility of a C.B.S.E ( I) syllabus. With a range of options on hand our current effort is to build the school practices on an International Curriculum which further qualifies us for the necessary affiliation.

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